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Broadcast and Pro Audio

Pro Audio and Broadcast products increasingly demand high end HMI products, often with unique form factor display solutions, such as 1 and 2 RU letterbox orientation.


Halo's combination of IPS motherglass, optically bonded PCT sensors, and stretched landscape aspect ratio displays, is ideally suited to Audio and Video Processing, Satellite Transmission and Distribution, Audio Amplification, delivering cutting edge HMI solutions, with flexible MOQ for customisation.

Industrial Automation: Products
Broadcasting Console

Replacing Tactile Objects with Capacitive sensing

Traditional use of Sliders, Push Buttons, Rocker Switches, and Rotary Knobs is fast transitioning to digital control solutions, where these tactile objects can be replaced by a combination of display and touch module HMI design. The Global Broadcast and Pro Audio HMI design space is swiftly evolving to adopt digital control surfaces, where the cost of legacy tactile objects can be offset against more complex digital HMI.

Bar Cut TFT Solutions

Letterbox/Stretch/Bar Cut TFT Solutions

Also known as panoramic TFT, the ability to cut glass, and create modules with letterbox aspect ratios has gained prominence in recent years, especially for this sector. Halo has a number of such solutions, which are listed under our ''U-Smart'' portfolio. We have also manufactured standard PCT Sensors for every module promoted.

High Contrast and Clarity Displays

High Contrast and High Clarity

Broadcast and Pro Audio products have to be viewed at varying heights and from various distances, as well as in bright light, and dark rooms. Halo uses cutting edge IPS motherglass, delivering up to 1000:1 CR , enabling the human eye to discern even the finest details at distance, and in varying lighting conditions.

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