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Transflective Displays

Transflective Displays

Welcome to the home of Haloview, a range of versatile intelligent Industrial Transflective TFT Displays, for indoor and outdoor viewing, able to reflect ambient light, whilst still maintaining indoor viewability. Perfect for hand held and test and measurement applications, especially in use outdoors.

  • Competitive Transflective TFT modules, compared to the established Japanese niche brands.

  • Low power consumption under ambient lighting conditions, perfect for handheld products.

  • Optically bonded PCT Sensor versions available. Index matched to maintain strong contrast in bright light.

  • Various sizes from 2.0’’ to 10.0’’.

  • All round viewing angle options.

  • 5 years+ longevity

Recent departure from Industrial TFT Manufacture, by Japanese OEM's, who focused on sunlight readability, has left a gap in the market globally.

There are very few manufacturers that can ensure retention of colour saturation with low backlighting, in bright sunlight.

Halo has secured supply of some of the legacy technology, specifically the Mother-Glass, and is carrying forward the best in class Transflective TFT Technology under the Trademark of Halo-View.

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Halo View


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