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HDMI Displays

  • Proprietary HDMI.

  • Industrial by Design.

  • Longevity Implicit.

HDMI Displays

Halo manufactures a range of HDMI integrated industrial TFT modules from 4'' to 10.1''. Designed to further extend the supply lifetime of any TFT solution, Halo's HDMI control board delivers a stable interface over the lifetime of any industrial products.

  • Smart HDMI TFT Solution.

  • Industrial by design.

  • PWM backlight control.

  • EDID control.

  • Portrait/landscape selectable in firmware.

  • Single USB interface for touch and power.

  • Operable up to 60 Hz.

  • Windows 7/8/10, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu/Android OS.

  • Audio support.

  • 5 years+ longevity.

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