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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

The Electric Vehicle (EV) market is set to exceed $800 Billion by 2028, with the vast majority of EV Charging stations utilising Colour TFT, where demands for ruggedness and extremes of weather are stringent. Halo is ideally placed to deliver ultra wide temperature, sunlight readability and IP rated enclosures.

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EV charger

Clear High Contrast Content.

Users of EV Charging Stations need to quickly read key information, from any angle , and at a distance.

Halo utilises the best in breed IPS Mother-Glass on the market, delivering 80/80/80 High Contrast optics, retaining colour saturation from all angles, and ensuring that EV HMI has outstanding clarity.

Outdoor readability

Displays for all Weather Conditions.

EV Charging stations are being installed in an increasingly diverse set of locations globally, often in areas which will submit the electronics to harsh temperature and humidity seasonally.

Halo manufactured proprietary Haloview Tranflective TFT MotherGlass, which utilises Toppan's former Blanview technology, to deliver sunlight readability.

Ev electric vehicle charging station

Rugged HMI Design.

With EV Stations now installed in public areas, the need for vandal proofing is paramount. Halo delivers high IK and MOHS rated Cover Lens Glass, and Optical Bonding, to ensure that any impact to the front of the HMI does not result in tangible damage.

Moisture and dust ingress can also be mitigated , with a combination of IP Sealing and Optical Bonding.


7.0'' IPS TFT.


7.0'' Rugged IPS TFT

  • 1280*768 Resolution

  • IPS 80/80/80/80

  • -30+ 85 Deg C Operating

  • 900 Candela Brightness

  • Sunlight Readable

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