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Halo has manufactured TFT Modules for the Gaming Sector, for diverse applications , from Player Tracking to Button Deck and POS projects.

Player tracking systems, can assist casino operators to communicate with players and analyze player habits, not only provide operators with player behavior patterns but also store, process, and show information to players leading to better user experience. The displays used are often letterbox oriented, and ultra wide viewing angle, requiring very clear, high contrast user interfacing.



Industrial Automation: Products
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Letterbox Aspect Ratios.

The Gaming Industry has been a wide adopter of stretched format displays. Stretched TFT Displays are professionally cut from a standard TFT cell, using liquid crystal freezing method. They have an ultra-wide aspect ratio, which is perfect for applications where 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio TFTs are not possible. Halo has an extensive range perfect for Gaming applications.

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Button Deck Displays

Wide viewing angle IPS Mother-Glass, combined with Capacitive Touch Sensing and rugged custom Cover Lens combinations, Halo has a specific Letterbox oriented standard module portfolio, ideal for Button Deck Casino applications.

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High Contrast and High Clarity

Gaming and Gambling products have to be viewed at varying heights and from various distances, as well as in bright light, and dark rooms. Halo uses cutting edge IPS motherglass, delivering up to 1000:1 CR , enabling the human eye to discern even the finest details at distance, and in varying lighting conditions.

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