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Touch Integration

Touch Integration

Halo offers a compelling range of PCT Sensor designs, with the ability to utilise numerous PCT Controller IC configurations to suit varied application environments. For instance, 6mm cover glass would require an EETI or Atmel PCT IC, and specially configured Firmware to address sensing through such a thick substrate.


Whether the application requires thick vandal proof glass, or thick gloved touch, Halo’s engineering team can configure Firmware specifically for each client case, ensuring that the sensitivity of the touch screen matches the requirements of the application. Halo provides a true engineering solution, tailored to the client requirement.

PCT offers many benefits, including:

  • Multi-touch capability

  • Low activation force

  • Sensing through cover window materials of varying thickness

  • Enhancing the HMI to create a more consumer-based look and feel

  • Integration of complex artwork printing and lens design features

  • Maximum optical clarity, no shape loss or deformation over time

  • Chemical and scratch resistant

  • No drift over time eliminating the need to re-calibrate

  • Extending the lifetime of a product through increased durability

  • Availability in a variety of glass structures, from GG (Glass/Glass) to OGS (One-Glass Solution), and GFF (Glass/Film/Film)

Industrial HMI
Display Interface Board

How to reduce ‘Noise’ interference:

  • Choose a good quality power supply

  • Avoid common mode voltages

  • Always implement grounding to Earth

  • Be cautious using metallic paints

  • Select a display with low noise characteristics

  • Touch controller selection

  • Be aware of hardware noise sources

Halo handles all of its PCT designs as individual projects and brings extensive knowledge, expertise and technical support to ensure its technology delivers maximum functionality, optical clarity, durability and longevity. Our full service total solutions offering comprises:

  • The latest multi-touch PCT panel technology – including thick-gloved activation for harsh industrial environments

  • Cover lens manufacture, customisation and light reflection solutions

  • Fully integrated PCT TFT display units using state-of-the-art technologies

  • Customisation for bespoke PCT sensors

  • Calibration optimisation services

  • Extensive research, development and testing facilities including expert engineering for the manufacture of hard tooled stencils and bespoke testing jigs.

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