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EV CHarging
  • Outdoor Operation.

  • Wide Temperature.

  • Sunlight Readable.

  • Optical Bonding.

  • Rugged Cover Lens.

Rugged Displays

Rugged Displays

Halo's automotive grade IPS TFT display solutions deliver excellent performance and consistency at ultra-wide temperatures, higher brightness, and are enhanced with bespoke Projective Capacitive Touch (PCT) and trademarked bonding process.

  • Ultra-wide temp -30°C - 85°C.

  • Higher brightness 800-1000cd/m2.

  • Standard RGB/LVDS Interface options.

  • Native portrait and landscape mode options.

  • Various sizes from 3.5’’ to 21.5’’.

  • High contrast and 80/80/80/80 viewing IPS TFT range.

  • Standard PCT touch panels.

  • Optical bonding option.

  • 5 years+ longevity.


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