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TFT Controller IC Specifications.

Display Interfacing Support

TFT Controller IC's are critical components in the design manufacture of a TFT Module, and consist of most commonly a COG IC embedded at the bottom edge of the glass, often obscured by a protective mask.


The TFT IC receives image data and delivers precise analog voltages or currents to activate the pixels on the display.


When voltage is applied to the liquid crystal within each pixel cell, the liquid crystal is bent, thereby changing the intensity of light that passes through each individual pixel. Combined with the colour filter on the front glass substrate, each pixel generates its own colours which, together with other pixels, make up the whole image at the surface of the module.

Modern IC's are small form factor, and support multiple interface modes, which are often register selectable. You may find that one TFT design can support RGB, or MPU depending upon the pin configuration.  Halo's team have catalogued a number of relevant TFT IC's to assist Design Engineers when selefcting and working with our TFT technology. Below you can access the specific PDF's.


Sitronix Technology Corporation (8016:TT) is a Taiwan-based fabless semiconductor company that primarily focuses on display driver ICs (DDIs) for industrial displays, mobile phones, and a wide range of AIoT devices. In recent years, the company’s subsidiaries have also seen tremendous growths in their power IC, optical and MEMS sensors, smartphone touch controller IC, and AIoT businesses.

Fiti Power

Tianyu Technology was founded in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 1995. We focus on designing chips for customers. Through key product development and mergers and acquisitions, we have a leading position in various types of developing screen design chips and power management chips. Through artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things Today, when the world is accelerating progress, the products we design or the services we provide allow our customers and partners to deeply understand Tianyu's philosophy of pursuing performance and value.


FocalTech Systems Co., Ltd.(: 3545.TW), founded in 2005 in the United States, has dedicated to deliver human-machine interface solutions and provide the competitive touch controllers、 LCD display drivers、IDC ICs、fingerprint sensor、force touch for mobile electronic devices.


Ili Technology Corp. designs and provides a-Si TFT and LTPS driver ICs. The company offers small driver ICs, mid/large driver ICs, and touch ICs. Its products have applications in mobile phone, DSC, MP3, PDA, GPS, PMP, gaming machine, and learning machines. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Zhubei City, Taiwan. Ili Technology Corp. is a subsidiary of Mrise Technology Inc.

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