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Test and Measurement

Test and measurement is among the least glamorous categories in electronics, but the value of T&M is quite literally in the value of every other category in the field. Every electronic item and every electronic system is subject to a wide range of tests that might involve anything from physical inspection to find defects (e.g., metrology), to product-level functional testing (e.g., ATE), to verifying functionality in a network environment (interoperability tests, or interops).


Test and Measurement: Products
Hand Held Display

Battery Operation

So much of the T&M Market is focused on the provision of hand held devices. Therein lies the implicit requirement for battery operation, and thus low power display electronics. Halo's small format IPS TFT range, combines very strong contrast ratio and wide angle viewing, with moderate LED illumination , to deliver compelling outdoor readability whilst conserving power.

Industrial HMI

Custom Cover Lens Design

Hand Held Instrumentation requires robust design, offering protection from dust and moisture ingress, impact resistance from dropping at various angles, and UV protection. Halo manufactures cover lens glass in various grades, often delivering bespoke designs for T&M clients, to solve real world problems.

Industrial HMI

Accurate Touch Response

Halo’s Projected Capacitive Touch Sensing Technology (PCT) is pre calibrated to ensure perfect response and no drift over time. Client applications can utilise varying thickness of cover lens, and gloved touch operation without concern for sensitivity problems.

5'' Transflective TFT

5.0'' Transflective TFT.



  • WVGA 480*800

  • Sunlight Readable

  • Low Power

  • PCT Sensing Option.

  • Ideal for Hand Held Devices.

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