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Why Halo?

''Displays made simple.''

''Displays made simple''

Our vision, to remove the normal supply barriers to typically high volume, optically compelling, display technology, enabling SME's and Industrial OEM's a stable and secure path to production. Delivering flexible MOQ, stock holding, longevity of design and supply, and a streamlined global structure, our clients enjoy the benefits of a UK communication channel, and direct Chinese manufacturing base.


  • Deal directly with our China factory, via our UK registered office. We believe that our customers deserve value without compromise. Our global structure is engineered to deliver exactly this. A small UK based team, with central manufacturing, administration, quality engineering, design and project management centralised in China.


  • No MOQ! We bridge the gap for SME’s and Tier One OEM’s to design with no threat of MOQ. You can order any of our solutions in any quantity.


  • No EOLAll of our displays have a dual parallel source, we dual source mother glass, to ensure 5-7 years longevity in design and beyond. The worst case scenario for our production clients is EOL notification followed swiftly by a mechanically and electrically compatible, pin for pin, replacement design. Only the firmware will require revision. There is no real EOL with Halo, only continued design.

  • No waiting for samples! Are you tired of trying to work with the Far East and being told to wait weeks for samples? Wait no longer. Halo carries extensive stock holding for samples and small pre-production runs.

  • Display and the ability to evaluate them How often do you locate a supposed display provider, and quickly find that they have never driven the display in question, and can't provide you with an EVK?! We configure STM32 or ATMEL based kits on request , quickly, shippable within 2 weeks, to support any display in our portfolio. Design Engineers can expect to be able to use our EVK's in every project case, and we  provide 2D CAD , IC and Firmware data, specs and more.

  • Streamlined processes.  Simplicity at the core of commerce ad production. There is one layer, no distribution , no smoke and mirrors, you speak to the staff involved in manufacturing, and you are buying at factory cost.


In conclusion, we firmly believe that there are no other display manufacturers who can deliver this combination of no MOQ, stock holding, and design continuity for long term industrial projects.

''Displays and the Ability to Evaluate them.''

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