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Cover Lens Design

Cover Lens Design

Halo can deliver a bespoke front Cover Lens, with unique features tailored to client requirements. It very much depends on its end use, its intended application and its operational environment with options to solve a range of client challenges, such as anti-vandalism, rugged wide temperature operation, sunlight readability or the need for unique shapes and bespoke designs.


Silk screen printing, tinted effect, rounded edges, chamfering, feature cut outs are all possible. Surface finishes include AR (Anti Reflective), AG (Anti Glare) , AS (Anti Smudge) and AB (Anti Bacterial). Halo brings the latest consumer tablet style flush front panel design, to industrial clients.

Anti-Glare (AG): to scatter the reflected external light source and reduce its intensity. Anti-glare improves contrast a the angle of bright reflections, but reduces contrast at all other angles.

  • Gross value between 50-110

  • Combination of AR+AG for very low reflection application

Cover Lens

Anti-Reflective (AR): to improve the clarity and contrast of the image from the display. Anti-Reflection films reduce light reflections and increase transmission from a display.

  • Standard and white light bandwidth

  • Transmittance up to 98%

  • Reflection down to 1%

Cover Lens 2
Cover Lens 3
Cover Lens 3

A Rear Mount Design: A rear-mounted design covers scenarios where the PCT and display module are mounted behind a front Bezel using a Gasket. In this situation, it is recommended to use a non-conductive adhesive for the Gasket. Gaskets can be applied in a continuous or strip format. Continuous gaskets between the top of the touch screen and the bezel are recommended to avoid ingress of water and debris. The bezel and enclosure can also be designed to prevent water from pooling along the edges between the touch screen and bezel.


The minimum distance between the touch screen and LCD is generally considered to be 0.25-28 mm, but LCD noise interference could increase this distance requirement. In addition, experimenting with clearance between the PCT and display, using varying Gasket thickness will help to reduce noise further.

TFT Mounting
Front Flush Mount

A Front Mount Design: Bezel-less integration is similar to how many smartphones are designed, and is now a popular methodology for industrial design. A lens made of glass is bonded to the front surface of the touchscreen for extra durability and aesthetics.


A frame around the edge of the lens is required for mechanical support. The frame can be made of plastic or metal, but the same guidelines as the rear mount design exist.

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