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Medical and Scientific Instrumentation

Technology has always been at the forefront of the Medical and Scientific Instrumentation Sector.  From diagnostics to vital signs measurement in Hospitals, through to ever more complex Scientific tools in Laboratories and the Healthcare Industry. Medical and Scientific HMI delivers more elaborate interaction every year, supporting Nitrile gloved touch operation, high contrast patient information displays, and moisture and dust ingress protected systems. For decades Halo has manufactured HMI Solutions within these areas, from Glucose Meters through to Patient Care Systems. 



Medical and Scientific Instrumentation: Products
Medical Display

Clinical Environment

Clinical Laboratory or Theatre environments require clinical HMI solutions. Halo's Optical Bonding Technology , delivers moisture and dust ingress protection by ensuring air gaps between displays and touch sensors/cover lens material are replaced with Optically Clear Resin or Adhesive.

Anti Bacterial Coating

Anti Bacterial Coating

Halo's extensive facilities include a class 10K Clean Room, where displays can be combined with SSAB (Single Sided Anti Bacterial Cover Lenses) , utilising Nano Silver to eradicate 99.99%  of common disease-causing bacteria, fungi, and moulds.

Nitrile Golved Touch

Nitrile Gloved Touch

Halo's Projected Capacitive Touch Sensing Technology (PCT) is pre calibrated to ensure Nitrile Gloves can attain the same activation force as the bare human finger. Client applications can utilise varying thickness of cover lens, and gloved touch operation without concern for sensitivity problems.

Medical TFT




  • 1920*1280 Resolution

  • IPS 80/80/80/80

  • 4 Lane MIPI

  • 400 Candela Brightness

  • Optional Anti Bacterial Cover Lens

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