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Letterbox Oriented HDMI Displays.

Richard Applin


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This month sees the launch of our 7.0'' IPS HDMI Letterbox TFT Module, which delivers a host of attractive features for Design Engineers. 

Firstly 280*1424 resolution, allows for high enough vertical pixel density to stream video and the result to look viable, detailed enough for Broadcast and Pro Audio products. The brightness is compelling, at 650 Cd , easily enough for outdoor use, when combined with the IPS high contrast ratio Mother-Glass. This is a product well suited to high end applications, where the optics showcase the product, and the GUI delivers an exciting focal point for the HMI.

There are mounting ears included, to offer a solution to clients who would prefer to outsource some of the mechanical integration, certainly the fixing point for the display module.

Industrial by Design - HDMI.

A noteworthy reason for selecting an HDMI Module is the inherent mitigation of risk to obsolescence. Anything could change within the display design, but the HDMI Board, and Interface, will always remain a stable standard format.

It's a plug and play scenario. Micro USB for Touch and Power, and HDMI for the Display. Whether using X86 or ARM/STM32 architecture, HDMI is a standard, which will remain as so for many years if not decades. 


EVK Available.


As with all our products, we support EVK configuration with our STM32 platform.

A recommended starting point for any new project, our EVK supports this new 7.0'' module and is deliverable within 3-4 weeks of order, anywhere globally.

If you need to verify optics fast, order our EVK. We sell many kits , and they cost $220, inclusive of the display and touch module.

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