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EVALUATION Kits for Rapid Design Integration.

Richard Applin


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STM32 Configured EVK's Supporting Rapid GUI Evaluation.

Halo's extensive TFT and PCT product ranges are all supported on request, with a configured EVK. The housing is transparent, allowing internal inspection visually, aiding reverse engineering.

We supply the Transition Board schematic for Design Engineers to utilise within their own interface design, Initialisation code to assist with integration, and all relevant documentation, from IC Specifications to App notes.

EVK's are priced at circa $200, including the display and are delivered globally 1-2 weeks after receipt of order.

Fast GUI Evaluation.

Client's can deploy their own GUI Design menu screens directly using the SD Card provided. Slide shows can be set up to run through a series of images, and the images can be paused at any stage to evaluate a single GUI image.

The PWM Dimming function enables the user to adjust the brightness, from full brightness to a low baseline and back. The transition board manages the signal interfacing, power , backlight and other functions.

The whole kit is plug and play, instant on, 12V single power supply.



Configured for you.

Our engineers configure your chosen display and touch sensor, design and manufacture the Transition Board PCB, and configure the EVK, even including industry specific GUI Design imagery relevant to your application.

The time and cost saving vs Hardware and Software integration time is considerable. Contact Halo today for your EVK. Displays made simple.

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