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Scratching the Surface.

Richard Applin

By Richard Applin.


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There's nothing worse than assembling a finished HMI product, only to quickly discover that the surface is easily scratched....

The MOHS Hardness Scale is used with the Display Industry to characterise how scratch resistant the outer surface of a Display product is.

Corning's latest generation of Gorilla Glass now tops a whopping MOHS 9 value, one below Diamond, although earlier iterations started out at around MOHS 6.

Gorilla Glass Scratching

How Does Halo Design for Hardness?

Our Industrial Chemically Strengthened Cover Lens material, specified as the standard default glass, will meet MOHS 5/6.

Some industry sectors will require a higher MOHS rating, which can be achieved with a premium Cover Lens, for instance, Gen 3 Gorilla Glass will meet 6.7 MOHS, and is available in low MOQ for smaller scale OEM design and production.

There are Chinese equivalents to the latest Gen of Gorilla Glass, which we can deploy in niche cases where MOHS as high as 9 rated can be delivered.

Mohs Scale Hardness
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Industrial applications, where an HMI is positioned near machinery, and often utilised with heavy gloves, would likely require a Cover Lens which specifies a higher IP, IK and MOHS rating.

This type of scenario would be classed as rugged, and is achievable for small NRE commitment, in the region of low thousand's of USD.

Halo delivers bespoke Cover Lens samples within 6 weeks ordinarily. We design and consult to solve your challenges.

Speak to us today to understand more about specifying Hardness within your HMI Design.

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