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Unique Form Factor TFT Modules.

Richard Applin

By Richard Applin.


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Instrument Clusters, Oscilloscopes, Hand Held Devices,  with historically monochrome square LCD displays, or even Circular looking CRT technology, can now enjoy an emerging suite of unique form factor colour TFT.

Halo has a growing portfolio of Square, Circular and Letterbox oriented TFT Modules, empowering Design Engineer's to rethink HMI Design , utilising previously unavailable form factors reserved for legacy Mono LCD design.

Circular TFT
Square TFT

Avionics and Transport.

Our 4'' Square TFT , punches over 1000 Cd brightness, and operates between -30+85 Deg C. Adding a rugged PCT Sensor or simple Cover Lens  expands the potential use cases, certainly for Avionic and Transport applications.

High bright, wide temp, high contrast IPS and ultra wide viewing, combined with high resolution, a compelling feature set for a range of Industrial applications.

Letterbox TFT

Letterbox / Bar Cut form factors are also gaining prominence, delivering Pro Audio and Broadcast device designers a wealth of new options.


It is now possible to customise the size and form factor , taking a native Mother-Glass and cutting down the size to meet a specified outline dimension.  

Speak to us today to understand more about unqiue form factor requirements.

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