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Richard Applin

HMI Design for the Evolving EV Market.


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Halo EV
Progressive combination of wind turbine and EV car, future energy infrastructure. Electric

Unrivalled Outdoor Readability.


EV Charging stations are being installed in an increasingly diverse set of locations globally, often in outdoor areas which will submit the electronics to harsh temperature and humidity seasonally.


Halo manufactures display and touch solutions which can meet the demands for outdoor EV:


•    High performance, high contrast IPS TFT.

•    Transmissive TFT with sunlight readable backlighting, exceeding 800 Candela.

•    Optical Bonding to reduce internal light refraction.

•    Anti Glare/Anti Reflective surface coatings to enhance visibility.

•    Low power Transflective TFT for niche applications.

Rugged User Interface.


With EV Stations now installed in public areas, the need for vandal proofing is paramount. The display must be protected by a layer which we call the Cover Lens. Alternatively, if including a Touch Sensor, the Cover Lens forms the integrated outer surface of the Touch Screen.


•    Halo delivers high IK and MOHS rated Cover Lens Glass, and Optical Bonding, to ensure that any impact to the front of the HMI does not result in tangible damage.

•    Moisture and dust ingress can also be mitigated , with a combination of IP Sealing and Optical Bonding.

•    Gloved touch operation using thick cover lens material, and firmware tuned PCT IC.

•    Rugged cover lens design, using chemically strengthened glass, and/or Gorilla Glass.

•    IP Sealing using a combination of 3M Gaskets and front flush mount design. 

An EV charger CCS type 2 DC plug head with symbol label at the electricity charging statio
Ev electric vehicle charging station hub with visual icon screen display ui user self refu

Extreme Weather Proofing.


EV stations are positioned in hostile environments, from the California sunshine, to the biting chill of northern Scandinavia.  Halo has responded to this challenge, developing a specific range of ultra-wide temperature TFT modules.


•   Unique range of TFT with Operating Temperature from -30 to +85 Deg C.

•    IR Filters can be deployed to prevent discolouration.

•    Extended Cover Lens design with oversized border to ensure display is protected from harsh weather.

•    High quality polarizers to maintain colouration over time.

•    50K hour LED as standard.

Sleek HMI Design


Users of EV Charging Stations need to quickly read key information, from any angle , and at a distance. The designs are increasingly elegant, rather than purely functional.


•    Halo delivers best in breed consumer IPS grade optics, packaged for industrial temperature, half-life and longevity.

•    Hidden till lit effect, using smoked glass Cover Lens design.

•    Intelligent bespoke Cover lens design, integrating silk screen printing, raised features, curvature and more.

Electric car plugged in with charging station to recharge battery with electricity by EV c
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